Before Timothy Scott embarked on his adventure, discover how the fabled mirror came to be in his hallway. Travel back to Victorian London where an unsuspecting chimneysweep hears a voice from behind the glass.

The Boy And The Mirror is an exclusive short story novelette only available from my website and is not available to buy online. Get your taste of the world that waits for you in this enchanting short story.

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This is a well-written tale with shades of Narnia and Through the Looking Glass. 

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A very creative fantasy world with some traditional fantasy tropes and new, fun species.

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The hidden world of Mielikuvitus is under threat from the Dark Entity, a smoky spectre that threatens to destroy everything in its search for power. Their only hope of salvation comes from 12-year-old Timothy Scott, an outcast boy in our world who knows nothing about theirs.

Dragged through the glass of an antique mirror, Timothy finds himself thrust on a journey to save an entire world.

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A battered journal from a long-dead ancestor.  Whispered stories of monsters and secret cults. One father must take his children into a world of danger if they are to save their kidnapped mother.

Into The Dark and From The Dark brings the mythical legend of The Magdon into the twenty-first century. Reminiscent of Van Helsing and Indiana Jones, Into The Dark brings an ancient evil into a world where the stakes have never been higher.

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A chemical attack. An ex-cop. One chance to prove his family aren’t involved.

If only he hadn’t answered the midnight call.

A voice from his past drags Aaron from his sleep, a voice that tells him his sister is in intensive care under armed guard. After all, she's the only suspect in a terror attack.

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What if Death had a face?


Discover the start of the Reaper's Journey as we discover what happens beyond life. Bringing a unique perspective on the myth of Death and the Grim Reaper, be prepared to discover an amazing life in the afterlife.

Planned as a series, the sequel remains in the works due to personal circumstances it has been delayed but rest assured the series is set to continue ini 2021... 

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Time is the only constant. We may dwell on the past, but there is nothing we can do to change it. Or is there?


Blackout offers a new perspective with the knowledge that there are those among us who have the ability to make leaps back in time. Such a gift comes with a price, and Blackout offers an action-packed and character-driven sci-fi adventure that rips you from your seat and thrusts you into a fantastic journey.

Michael Swann explores not only time but also his own sexuality as he explores a side of himself he never expected to experience. Action, espionage, time-travel and more in this two-part series.

Much to my disappointment a number of reviewers sought to hide their outrage at an openly gay character with negative reviews but that only fuelled my desire to expand Michael's story with a sequel. 


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