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Dare to dream

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Tobey Alexander has recently begun adapting a number of his feature-length novels into screenplays along with creating independent short-script projects alongside these. Since arriving on the scene, Tobey has found a number of successes with nominations, selections, honorable mentions and award wins for a variety of his screenplays.

Current screenplay projects remain open for optioning and span a variety of genres. Putting to work an autistic and creative mind allows Tobey to create truly diverse and captivating characters, worlds and stories that have seen him achieve critical acclaim and recognition. Tobey's focus is always on his main projects but he is more than willing to collaborate and negotiate on projects outside the scope of his current catalogue. If you're looking for a diverse, unique and quirky mind to bring a project or idea to life, don't hesitate to contact Tobey and see what he can do to help.


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Genre: Horror, Urban, Paranormal, Action

Script type: Short

Length: 5 Pages

Characters: 3

Logline: In our final moments the Reaper may come, or something else may take your hand to the afterlife.

The script is an independent introduction to the character of the Reaper that features in Tobey's novel series "Reaper's Journey" that follows the evolution of the mythical Grim Reaper and introduces a new take on Death and the afterlife. This script seeks to introduce you to the character of Death in a short scene.


OTB Only The Best Film Awards 2021: Winner Best Short Script

Ascending Beyond Poster.png

Genre: Horror, Urban, Paranormal, Action & Adventure, Fantasy

Script type: Feature

Length: 119 Pages

Characters: Numerous

Logline: Mourning the death of his love, one man is offered the chance to cheat death by becoming it. Accepting the offer he must embrace the monster he will become to protect the the afterlife and living from a rising evil.

The story is a direct adaptation of the first int he Reaper's Journey novel series and explores the introduction and journey of Christian Thomas as he is offered the chance to become the Grim Reaper on the promise of being united with his lost love. This is a character-driven piece filled with emotion, drama and action as we explore the afterlife from a new perspective. No longer are we bound by the concepts of heaven or hell, we learn of Altum, a place where souls whose fate is yet undecided must go to face judgement. There is, however, an imbalance in judgement that those of descent would seek to redress by destroying the order and allowing chaos to reign. With such heavy stakes, Chris must overcome his emotional connection to the living or risk losing any chance of being reunited with his love.


Independent Horror Movie Awards: Official Selection Best Feature Screenplay

Luna Lumen Film Festival: Finalist Best Unproduced ScreenplayUnproduced

Timothy Scott Awards Poster.png

Genre: Action & Adventure, Family (4 Quadrant), Coming Of Age, Fantasy

Script type: Feature

Length: 108 Pages

Characters: Numerous

Logline: An outcast twelve-year-old autistic boy who hears voices discovers a hidden world where he must become the hero he doesn't believe he is to save his newfound friends.

We begin with Aaron being awoken in the middle of the night by a call from his former partner, Mike. Informed that his sister has been hospitalized following a chemical attack on the train from France, Aaron soon learns that his younger sister has been implicated in the attack. Having turned his back on his past as a Counter Terrorism Detective, Aaron is reluctant to reconcile his old ties and fights the shadows of his shady past and reputation for working outside of the lines.

When Mike makes it clear the Agency are satisfied Fran is the only suspect, Aaron returns home to begin his own investigation. Intent on proving her innocence, Aaron calls on the aid of his closest friends, reformed criminal Sam and skilled hacker Charlie to help make sense of the crime. Having created his own investigation agency, Gridlock, Aaron spares no expense in unraveling the clues to discover the truth behind the attack.


Creative Screenwriting Animation: Quarter Finals Oct 2021

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival: Honorable Mention Best Script

Andromeda Film Festival: Winner Best Feature Screenplay

Accord Cine Fest: Winner Best Screenplay

Golden Wheat Awards: Winner Best Feature Screenplay

Global Monthly Online Film Festival: Winner Best Feature Screenplay

Marina Del Rey Film Festival: Official Selection Best Unproduced Screenplay

Top Indie Film Awards: Official Selection Best Screenplay

Asian Film Festival, Hollywood: Official Selection Best Feature Screenplay

Gridlock Awards Poster.png

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action

Script type: Feature

Length: 11 Pages

Characters: Numerous

Logline: When his sister is arrested for a terror attack, ex-cop Aaron Raven must return to the murky underworld to uncover the truth and disrupt a terror attack that could cost the lives of thousands. 

The story is a direct adaptation of the first int he Reaper's Journey novel series and explores the introduction and journey of Christian Thomas as he is offered the chance to become the Grim Reaper on the promise of being united with his lost love. This is a character-driven piece filled with emotion, drama and action as we explore the afterlife from a new perspective. No longer are we bound by the concepts of heaven or hell, we learn of Altum, a place where souls whose fate is yet undecided must go to face judgement. There is, however, an imbalance in judgement that those of descent would seek to redress by destroying the order and allowing chaos to reign. With such heavy stakes, Chris must overcome his emotional connection to the living or risk losing any chance of being reunited with his love.


London Monthly International Film Festival : Honorable Mention Best Screenplay

Andromeda Film Festival: Official Selection Best Screenplay

Silent Hope.png

Genre: Drama

Script type: Short

Length: 12 Pages

Characters: 3+

Logline: When Simon's wife is diagnosed with cancer, he must find a way to cope with being the strong support for her and their son. Offering a glimpse into the silent support, this shows a husband fighting to be a rock and struggling to find the right feelings along the way.

This short script is an emotional journey alongside a husband and father who helps his wife cope with breast cancer. Following the silent supporter's journey this piece is to celebrate the bravery of the journey by those diagnosed with cancer and offering a nod to those who support their brave battle. Drawn from personal experiences, this project is emotive and respectful to a journey so many of us may have to endure at some point in our lives.

The Well.png

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

Script type: Short

Length: 7 Pages

Characters: 2

Logline: Something calls from the dark.

This script revolves around a claustrophobic descent into an abandoned well. Limited to a small cast of two, the story centres on the discovery of a covered well and a sinister demon that hides in the depths.

Books & EBooks



Adventure is at the heart of every story, regardless of genre Tobey yearns to take the reader on an adventure and journey. be that exploring the notions of death, exploring crypts and solving mysteries or else discovering new worlds filled with magic and wonder...there is always an adventure to be had. Not limited to print or written word, Tobey has had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of extremely talented actors and voice artists in creating audiobook versions of numerous projects. Without a doubt, there's something for everyone in the catalogue of stories and the adventures are simply waiting for you to find them.

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Shadow Island Retail SampleGeorge Kuch
00:00 / 04:42

As a dad it’s my job to lead by example for my children. I created a hero for my autistic son. One to inspire him to believe that “being different” is a gift and not a curse. Little does he realise that his newfound hero is based on the biggest hero I know…HIM. In the process I made an adventure that’s taking readers by storm. Now you can join us on that adventure?

It’s your time to discover the award-winning, Amazon Best Seller, Timothy Scott: Shadow Island.

In our world, twelve-year-old Timothy Scott fades into the shadows. Bullied and ridiculed, he discovers an enchanting world hidden behind an antique mirror and in a heartbeat everything changes. Can he become a hero and save a world from a sinister darkness?

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Book 2 - Releanch V12.png
Book 3 - Releanch V12.png
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Ascending Beyond - Relaunch V12.png
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Ascending Beyond Retail SampleDannul Dailey
00:00 / 03:36
Book 2 RJ - Relaunch V12.jpg

What if Death had a face?


Discover the start of the Reaper's Journey as we discover what happens beyond life. Bringing a unique perspective on the myth of Death and the Grim Reaper, be prepared to discover an amazing life in the afterlife.

Planned as a series, the sequel remains in the works due to personal circumstances it has been delayed but rest assured the series is set to continue in 2021... 

The amazingly narrated audiobook by Dannul Daley is available now.

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With the world occupied by war, an ancient evil stirs in the darkness. Something that is far more dangerous than the Nazi invasion.

London, 1941. The capital stands in ruins from the constant bombardment of nightly air raids. Stanley Grand, a wounded soldier from the French lines, returns home with the shadows of war hanging over him. After another night of bombing, Stanley stumbles across a hidden crypt hidden beneath St Margaret’s Church. Rescued by an unsuspecting Air Warden, Hazel Johnson, the pair find themselves thrust on a path of robbery, murder and secret societies.

When a notorious criminal is found murdered, there is more to his death than meets the eye. Stanley and Hazel’s only hope of proving their innocence is to accept the help of an ancient order of the Catholic Church. In exchange for their protection, the pair must help return an ancient artifact, stolen from the hidden crypt. Should they fail; an evil that has been imprisoned for thousands of years will once again walk the earth and bring with it a plague of darkness and evil – The Iceman.

While Stanley and Hazel seek to secure the secrets, there are others who would see The Iceman freed from his icy tomb. In a race against time, can an unlikely duo succeed or will the threat of war pale into insignificance against the evil that waits in the depths?

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Into The Dark V2020.png
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From The Dark V2020.png

A battered journal from a long-dead ancestor.  Whispered stories of monsters and secret cults. One father must take his children into a world of danger if they are to save their kidnapped mother.

Into The Dark and From The Dark brings the mythical legend of The Magdon into the twenty-first century. Reminiscent of Van Helsing and Indiana Jones, Into The Dark brings an ancient evil into a world where the stakes have never been higher.

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Cover V5.png
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A chemical attack. An ex-cop. One chance to prove his family aren’t involved.

If only he hadn’t answered the midnight call.

A voice from his past drags Aaron from his sleep, a voice that tells him his sister is in intensive care under armed guard. After all, she's the only suspect in a terror attack.

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Cover v3.1.jpg
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Time is the only constant. We may dwell on the past, but there is nothing we can do to change it. Or is there?


Blackout offers a new perspective with the knowledge that there are those among us who have the ability to make leaps back in time. Such a gift comes with a price, and Blackout offers an action-packed and character-driven sci-fi adventure that rips you from your seat and thrusts you into a fantastic journey.

Michael Swann explores not only time but also his own sexuality as he explores a side of himself he never expected to experience. Action, espionage, time-travel and more in this two-part series.

Much to my disappointment a number of reviewers sought to hide their outrage at an openly gay character with negative reviews but that only fuelled my desire to expand Michael's story with a sequel. 



Tobey Alexander is by far and away simply a massive kid and will now revert to the first person otherwise he, I, we, get confused!

As a mad-dad, it's my job to show my children the value and virtue in imagination. I have always crafted stories and it wasn't until I saw how they stole my children's imagination that I thought it was about time I released my imagination on the world. I write across a variety of genres, but the idea behind every story I write is ESCAPSIM and ADVENTURE.

Be that in my fantasy adventure series, Timothy Scott, or my urban thriller Gridlock, there is something for all readers. I'm an avid film-buff and honestly see all of my stories in my head as mini mind-movies as I'm writing them. For that reason I have worked towards adapting some of my books into screenplays, hoping one day not only will you read my stories but see them too.


My publishing journey began when I made up a monster for my youngest son at the time. We heard a strange noise and, being the good lying dad I am, I told him it was a Magdon (half human, half dog, all hunter) and scared the living daylights out of him! Bad dad! That said, I then embellished a little, as you do, and very soon I had made a whole false family history up about my great-grandad defeating the monster. Heck, I even buried two wooden swords in a graveyard and made a fake journal filled with clues that we used to uncover the swords on a rainy Sunday morning.


It was only when I got pulled into school by my son's teacher to be asked, "were you really digging up graves?" that I explained my story. Some hour later and the teacher told me I had to write them a series of books as she knew I was trying to make it as an author.


So I did! In the hope that my children might embrace their own imagination and, more than anything, I wanted to make adventure something real.


Needless to say that spiralled and as my children grew, the barriers I had put around my overactive imagination crumbled. Pretty soon I was happy to unleash all of my flights of fancy and so my catalogue of stories has grown over the years.


Alas it was when my three children were facing their darkest times with their mother having breast cancer and my youngest son (middle child) being diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum like me, that I realised they needed a new hero. Most of all they needed a way to escape some of the scariness that comes with seeing a parent undergo chemotherapy and that's where Timothy Scott was born. To say it is a passion would not be doingit justice and all three of my children, old young and middle, have immersed themselves in the world which makes it my proudest creation (after them of course in case they're reading this - you're still my favourites kids!)


I have no intention of stopping and invite you to buckle up and join me on the roller-coaster ride through my imaginations. From enchanting and fantastical worlds, to terrifying monsters that threaten to kill humankind, or else grizzly ex-detectives searching to uncover the truth about organised criminals and terrorists, heck even an alternative perspective on the Grim Reaper...there's something in my addled brain for everyone.


I look forward to seeing you in there.


And even more importantly you can get a free short story prequel to my Timothy Scott series right here:



"This book was a fun adventure, great for the preteen audience. It was a mix between Narnia and Lord of the Rings, in the way Timothy accesses and learns about the fantasy world and the way that he travels to Shadow Island, respectively."
Timothy Scott: Shadow Island Amazon Review


"This book starts off hooking the reader into wanting to know whether what Timothy Scott is experiencing is real. The book definitely peeks the reader’s curiosity as Timothy’s character grows and develops. It is a great coming of age book that hits on concepts such as being different, not fitting in a mold, and finding strength in yourself."
Timothy Scott: Shadow Island Amazon Review


"From cover to cover this novel held many surprises. The cast of characters was totally varied, main character a blend of many good guys fighting evil. The last part was a total number of clues suggested in earlier circumstances blended into a real shocker. If there is any doubt in your mind, let me relieve you of whether you want to take a chance."
Gridlock Amazon Review





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