The Reaper's Journey Series

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The Story

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The "Reaper's Journey" Series aims to bring an entirely new perspective to death, not only as an event but also as a person! The series begins with Ascending Beyond which introduces you to Christian Thomas our protagonaist.

When creating Reaper's Journey, it was my aim to create a uniquely adventurous delving into the afterlife from an exciting perspective. Bringing Death to life was an interesting journey and I didn't want to tread old ground. With Ascending Beyond you learn about the tragic history behind Chris and his search for escape having lost the love of his life. When Death answers his calls, Chris finds himself offered a chance to be reunited with his a price.

There is more beyond simply "going up or down" when you pass beyond life. The Reaper's Journey trilogy will introduce new concepts, creatures and places in an afterlife filled with mystery, darkness and adventure. These stories are designed to bring you ana action-packed and character-driven exploration of the afterlife. Think along the lines of Constantine, The Wolverine and you're going to be along the right lines.

Ascending Beyond:

Death has a face, Death has a name.

In your last moments we all expect to see the faceless shadow of the Grim Reaper, that fearsome creature of the afterlife. What if he offered you a choice, a chance to redeem your life’s sins for servitude to the path of the Reaper?

Christian Thomas faces his own death, consumed by the loss of his love Chris has given up all hope. In the moment of his death, a crooked hand emerges from the shadows, offering him a chance to reconcile with his lost love.

Such a promise comes at a price, nothing in the afterlife is free. In exchange for the chance to be reunited, Chris must accept the tutelage of Azrael, a Reaper approaching the end of his service, and assume the mantle of Death. Protecting souls that require judgment, Chris must serve the Enlightened Council who sit to judge those souls whose fate is undecided.

Follow Chris as he delves into the afterlife and discovers the truth of the beyond. Can Chris accept his newfound role and the promise of reconciliation, or will the guilt of stealing lives be too much for him to carry?

Discover the beautiful and enchanting worlds beyond the grave and see the delicate balance that keeps the darkness beneath us from rising. Chris soon learns there is more to his future than reconciling his lost love, the world of the living and the dead faces a rising darkness and imbalance as the darker elements of the afterlife seek to unbalance the order.

Are you ready to journey beyond the grave?

A perfect mix of emotion, thrills and action, Ascending Beyond is the first installment of the Reaper’s Journey series that will leave you rooting for the Reaper.

Adding a fresh perspective on the afterlife with unique perspectives and concepts, this is unlike any account of Death you’ve seen before. From the bestselling author of the Timothy Scott Trilogy and The Magdon Series comes a new paranormal urban adventure that will leave you holding on for dear life.

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