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Shadow Island - Retail SampleGeorge Kuch (narrator)
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Timothy Scott is a twelve-year-old boy, middle-child with a brother and sister and very much the outcast at school. Haunted by an overactive imagination and a recurring nightmare about a smoky spectre deep in a cave, his parents are doing everything to help him.

Friends are scarce for Timothy and his most trusted is a voice that whispers in his ear, an invisible friend who goes by the name of Aleobe. After another repetition of the eerie nightmare, Timothy is offered the chance to meet his friend. Standing in front of the hallway mirror, something impossible happens. Out of thin air a small boyish creature with wings and a smile appears perched on his shoulder. Offering Timothy the chance to see the world he comes from, the mythical land of Mielikuvitus, Timothy takes the chance and steps through the mirror in the hallway.

Thrust upon a path where the curse of imagination will become his power, Timothy discovers in Mielikuvitus they expect him to be a hero. Immersing himself in the wonderful world, surrounded with improbable and magical creatures, Timothy embarks on a journey of discovery until the Dark Entity in his dreams returns. Faced with a choice, Timothy must accept the help offered to him, to grow and become the protector of a foreign land or turn and run.

Timothy Scott: Shadow Island is the first in a series of tantalising coming-of-age adventures celebrating the creative minds of those who see the world differently. Be prepared to embrace your inner adventurer and return to the magical feeling created from series such as Harry Potter, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Percy Jackson and Eragon. This is no rehash of the old, however, Timothy Scott is something new, exciting and truly magical.

The idea of Timothy Scott was born as Tobey Alexander faced his own recognition of autistic traits but also saw that reflected in his youngest son. Wanting to create a character equal in imagination and unique difference, Tobey created Timothy Scott not only as an adventure but an inspiration. Celebrating the often unseen and unrealised perspective of the world, the Timothy Scott series is a story to unite readers with something for everyone.

It is the hope that Timothy Scott will become a household name, an inspiration to embrace that sense of adventure we all have inside of us. Everyone has a journey, some are tougher than others and Timothy's adventures just go to show that being different is sometimes the strongest thing we often doubt in ourselves.



As Easter 2020 approaches and the presence of TIMOTHY SCOTT grows as a brand, it is the intention to flood the world with snippets, teasers, samples and trailers to let the world become interested and familiar with the story that is set to become something special.

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